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Google wants to reduce the appeal of suspicious apps

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Despite the regular purges, Google Play Store still leaves room for malicious apps. Its owner intends to fight it in a new way, by targeting deceptive SEO practices, particularly those aimed at making apps more attractive to users.

In the future, developers and their designers will be required to adhere to the new guidelines, as mentioned Site the edge. This consists, for example, of abandoning words written in capital letters – unless it’s a legitimate brand name – and dispensing with emojis in app names. Developers will also be forced to restrict app titles to 30 characters and will no longer be able to use graphics or texts to encourage installation.

Deadline for compliance

These new instructions will apply to graphics, screenshots, videos, and short descriptions used to clarify the app’s functionality. Apps that violate the new rules will simply not be allowed on the Play Store.

To help developers adjust to the new rules, the US company will release more details in the coming months, before it goes into effect later in the year. To deal with these changes, Google will require developers to prioritize meaningful and accurate information over personal buzzwords like “free” or “better.”

Mountain View also requires that the resources be translated and easy to read, so users can make informed judgments about the advisability of installing an application. Once again, apps that don’t meet the guidelines will be penalized by excluding them from promoting and recommending.


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