Second day of legal aid strike

Lawyers argue that the definitions no longer reflect the amount of work that needs to be done in the justice system.

It is hasty justice that encourages attendance. »

Quote from Julian Bolian, criminal attorney

Two-thirds of legal aid files are handled by private clinics, but the definitions have not changed for long. These are lump sums ranging from $415 to $600 and include everything. Whether there is a trial or a settlement at the first opportunity, we have the same amountsorry for Sagweni’s criminal attorney, Julian Polian.

Interview with lawyer Julian Bolian

Photo: Radio Canada

This is the second day of a strike organized by legal aid lawyers to try to persuade the Quebec government to amend the wage system as quickly as possible.

Everyone agrees that the prices are very low. In October 2020, we agreed that the working group would make recommendations. The report was submitted on May 27 and there are 181 recommendations. We want it to be put in place, it’s urgent and we don’t want it to end in oblivionBolian insists.

The rates are so low that this means that the poor find themselves alone in front of the system as more and more lawyers in private practice will abandon these mandates. However, 75% of files authorized in criminal matters in Quebec are eligible for legal aid. »

Quote from Julian Bolian, criminal attorney

To underscore the urgency of action, legal aid lawyers will postpone all non-urgent cases scheduled in Saguené-Lac-Saint-Jean for a second day.

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In total, they voted for a seven-day strike that could be implemented over the next few weeks.

According to Julian Bollian, Quebec ranks last in terms of legal aid pay in Canada. Ontario, which will be second to last, will offer salaries two to three times higher than those of the Quebec system.

Based on an interview with Julie Bergeron

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