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Shady layoffs in New York

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The impeachment of President John Davidson and General Manager Jeff Gorton will not be related to the “Tom Wilson case,” dividing the New York Rangers.

Matthias BrunetMatthias Brunet

Why then did we not wait for the end of the season in three matches to move forward? After all, the Rangers were already eliminated from the playoffs.

There is nothing very clear about this mega-sweep in New York. Davidson and Gorton are said to have distanced themselves from this deadly press release from the organization, as Rangers called for the resignation of NHL Discipline Governor George Barros, for his inaction against Tom Wilson.

Washington Capitals striker seriously injured Rangers star Artemy Panarin earlier this week, grabbing him by the hair and hitting his head on the ice first. Panarin will not play until the end of the season.

Photo of Bruce Bennett, USA Today

Tom Wilson and Artemy Panarin

Wednesday’s match between the two clubs began with three brawls from the first confrontation. Renaissance. But let’s go back to separating our two men. Officially, President James Dolan is unhappy with the team’s performance. He indicated this in the press release issued on Wednesday afternoon. “I would like to thank JD and Jeff for their contribution to the organization. These two great hockey professionals have worked hard for the Rangers, but to give the club the success our fans deserve, these changes had to be made.”

This is where James Dolan’s logic is difficult to grasp. The Rangers and their General Manager Jeff Gorton started a major rebuilding process in 2018. They own the youngest club in the NHL. John Davidson arrived a year later, in May 2019.

You do not become a force in the National League after three years of reconstruction. New York set an excellent record 37-28-5 last year, before losing out to the Carolina Hurricane lead.

The Rangers were ten points away from the deciding area this season in the mighty Eastern Division, scoring 26-22-6. Not a shame either.

Gorton proved to be a fierce negotiator. His first place, 28-year-old Mika Zipanegad, was captured in 2016, with a second round selected, against Derek Brasard. The youngster has scored 197 points in the 193 matches he played in New York.

Second place Ryan Strom, 27, was bought for Ryan Spooner in 2018. Strom has 47 points in 54 games this season. Spooner has been playing in Minsk, at KHL, since 2019.

Defensman Adam Fox, 23, is a Norris Prize nominee according to many observers. He has 47 points in 54 games. Chosen by Carolina Hurricanes in 2019 for two second round selections …

Photo of AL BELLO, USA Sports Today

Adam Fox

Seven players recruited since 2017 have joined the Rangers in recent years. Therefore, they are all 22 years old or younger: Alexis Lavrinier, Cabo Kaku, Vitali Kravtsov, Kahn Andre Miller, Philip Chittel, Morgan Baron, and Zach Jones.

It should be noted that Geoff Gorton wisely reserved his picks in order to successfully rebuild. New York drafted eight times in the first round in the last four editions and eight times in the second and third rounds.

What more could you ask for in such a context?

Chris Drury, 44, will be permanent president and CEO. Gorton’s predecessor, Glenn Sather, will advise him. Drury has held the position of Deputy General Manager for Rangers since 2016.

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The former Colorado striker Avalanche, Buffalo Sippers and Rangers have just won the GM lottery. He has his hands full thanks to Gorton’s work.

As for Jeff Gorton, teams at risk should hurry to file an appeal with him. He is one of the best workers in this field …

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