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New album on the horizon for Radio Radio

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The new song is titled Over the topIntroduced in mid-April, it is an appreciation for all that people wish to do to achieve success and this need to have stronger sensations than ever before.

Radio Radio is no exception to this phenomenon.

We want to be loved, we want to be successful … What are we willing to do to achieve this success? Are we ready to go Over the top? Explains Gabriel LB Malinfant, singer of the duo.

The track title also references an 80’s movie of the same name starring Sylvester Stallone.

Radio Radio’s last album, Light the Sky, was released in 2016.

Photo: Courtesy of Radio

The materials for the new album were already ready for just over a year. However, with the fallout from COVID-19, the project has been put on hold.

According to Gabriel LB Malenfant, the songs on the album À As per request However, she has aged well and is still fresh.

Tuna theme [Over the top] Then Tunisia [de l’album] Fairly generic, applicable and extrapolated in various contexts. So it is not limited to a specific event. Often times, it is a topic that passes through time, He said.

Radio Radio in Times of Pandemic

Since its founding in 2007, the group has traveled all over the world performing all kinds of events.

As with their art counterparts, Radio Radio members currently face multiple health restrictions that do not allow tours.

I think 40’s is the opposite of wandering around, Says Gabriel LB Malenfant. Between being at home and being in front of large crowds is really another measure of energy and engagement.

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We cannot wait for offersOn his part, confirms Jacques Alphonse Doucet. This summer, ideally, or at least in the fall, we should be able to pitch and travel a little.

The artists were interviewed by video link.

Jacques Alphonse Doucet and Gabriel LB Malinfant

Photo: Radio Canada

While waiting for the cultural outings, fans of the duo can also listen to the song Two languages, An essay on bilingualism from the Paroles Immersion Competition, launched by the Canadian Association of Immersion Professionals (ACPI).

The album À As per request Radio Radio will be on sale everywhere from November 12th.

With information from Marie-Andre Leblond

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