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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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Worrying news in the environment file. The US will consume 23% more coal in Joe Biden’s first year in office than in Donald Trump’s last year in office.

One hundred million tons…more! And this is only for the United States.

As the economy recovers, many countries are experiencing a rapid increase in energy demand, and shortages are causing them to turn to that climate source, which is coal.

fake promises

Joe Biden had a well-prepared plan during his election campaign a year ago. He would sign the Paris Agreement and impose countervailing duties at the border to prevent free riders from passing their pollution on without paying. If American companies are to absorb the environmental costs, everyone will be forced to do so. Joe word!

Biden did sign with Paris on day one of his tenure, but other than that, the results were very different.

It is a very sad fact that governments that claim to be more “progressive” on environmental issues often do not achieve the results they claim.

poor record

Like the United States, Canada is very adept at “imagining.”

Canada signed the Kyoto Agreement under the government of Jean Chretien. After it was signed, Canada had one of the worst records in the world for increasing greenhouse gases. As his former chief of staff frankly admitted, the operation was aimed above all at “stimulating” public opinion, since they had no plan to fulfill their obligations. It was a process of political contact without result.

The same is true of Trudeau, who has the worst record of any G7 country since becoming prime minister. Canada recently had a great plan, but there are clearly no tangible results at all and our greenhouse gases have been increasing every year since Trudeau has been here.

The same shortage that sees a huge increase in coal consumption in the United States will lead to a similar increase in oil and gas production in Canada.

After a lull during the pandemic, there will be an even greater increase in our greenhouse gases in the coming years. In this regard, it is also worth noting that Trudeau not only purchased a pipeline, but continued to support the oil and gas sector, breaking another international commitment.

A crucial meeting in Glasgow

Canada is fortunate to have such a large land, rich in natural resources and able to provide us with a good standard of living. But we also have to think about our way of life and our living environment, the environment.

In two weeks, heads of state from all over the world will travel to Glasgow for an important United Nations meeting on climate change.

Canada was the first country to exit the Kyoto Protocol. Our poor performance since the signing of the Paris Agreement is a disgrace to Canada and a betrayal of future generations.

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