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Shocking behavior of the school chef. The footage caught by the cameras disgusted the principal and the court

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An old cook at a primary school in Zagreb, Croatia, has received an extraordinary dismissal for endangering the health of pupils. Cameras caught her breaking many hygiene rules. Even the court did not defend the former employee after viewing the footage from the school canteen and upheld the sentence.

I worked at an elementary school in Zagreb, Croatia for many years, and the chef’s outrageous behavior surprised the principal even more. It is said that she definitely lost all confidence of her employer. The school administration said: “Her actions were contrary to common sense and the minimum basic hygiene of the average person.”

After reviewing the footage from the cameras, the chef received an extraordinary package. The former employee even defended herself against the manager’s decision in court, but the court also rejected the former employee’s request to return to work, according to the portal.

What the cameras recorded

All according to the portal Danica It started around 10:30 in the school corridor. The cook dropped a second-grade food and drink tray on the floor. I picked everything up from the floor and carried it into the kitchen. However, instead of throwing the food into the box, the woman put it back in the same tray.

She didn’t even wash the fallen dishes, but rather arranged the food in them. I gently rinsed the cups and dried them off the floor. During this, she took off her protective mask, touched her face with her hands, and continued to perform the tasks without washing her hands.

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I wiped the spill off the floor with a kitchen towel and placed the wrinkled item on the work surface. She dipped her finger in the food in the row, put it in her mouth, and again, without washing her hands, continued preparing the food.

Then she took the falling food tray to the fourth graders. I pretended nothing had happened.

The court did not defend itself after seeing the shocking footage of the woman. It concluded that the chef had acted contrary to all standards of hygiene and hygiene, including those common to ordinary homes, when preparing and serving food. Undoubtedly, it endangered the health of schoolchildren. So he confirmed the extraordinary chapter.

The chefs had nothing to cook with. Someone embezzled food from the school canteen (9/2022):

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