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Sorbonne University: 4 days of science and culture in Paris

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From November 25 to 28, imagine the future with the Sorbonne celebrations! Over 90 free events in five locations in Paris to entertain, discuss, meet and learn.

To better engage with the public in areas of excellence, initiatives and successes, Sorbonne University Creates the first festival of science and culture in Paris. For four days, come celebrate science and culture: A debate with scholars, share in Workshops, visit them Exhibitions, Attended Concerts And glassesAnd allow yourself to be surprised Technical Offers !

An original, fun and interactive program that includes more than 90 events To interrogate the world of tomorrow, through exploration Three themes :

  • Nature: What future for humanity? Building new relationships and a new “contract” between humanity and its environment.
  • Tomorrow’s person : increased, assisted, modified, jostled? From evolution to reform.
  • Art, culture and heritage What are the roles in societal transformation? Create the world of tomorrow.

The Sorbonne celebrations are aimed at everyone who is curious about science and culture and wants to share their vision for the future.

The Sorbonne University celebrations are organized by the Alliance Sorbonne University and the European University Alliance 4EU+ in partnership with AP-HP-Sorbonne University, the Ile-de-France Region, the City of Paris, the Théâtre de la Ville de Paris and The Conversation.

The full program and registration at:

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