SpaceX returns the state of wine in space to Earth

This French wine is really out of this world.

The SpaceX capsule You’ll return a Bordeaux state to Earth when it’s littered on Wednesday – and it’s not going to be normal after aging in outer space for over a year.

The intoxicating cargo was shipped to the International Space Station in November 2019 as part of an experiment launched by a Luxembourg-based startup.

“Our goal is to address the solution to how to have tomorrow’s agriculture that is organic, healthy and able to feed humanity,” said Nicholas Gaum, co-founder of Space Cargo Unlimited.

“And we think space was the key,” he said.

Besides, Gaume added that future Moon or Mars explorers might want a little Cabernet Sauvignon with their space stakes.

He explained, “Being French, having some good food and good wine is part of life.”

The 12 bottles were corked and carefully packaged in steel cylinders to avoid breakage.

It’s part of a larger payload that includes 320 Merlot vine and Cabernet Sauvignon vines sent into space in March and several mice.

The bottled wine will remain closed until at least next month, when one or two are open for tasting in Bordeaux – followed by months of chemical tests to determine the effect of space on expensive grape juice.

The SpaceX Dragon capsule is due to fall off Wednesday night.

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