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St Paul’s Inn was completely destroyed by fire

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Gino Ole explains that he alerted firefighters at about 5:15 p.m. Wednesday after seeing flames through an upstairs laundry room window.

The fire quickly spread to the attic and destroyed the building in less than an hour, according to the owner.

The firefighters arrived after 25-30 minutes, but could not enter the inn. They put out the fire with a mechanical shovel.

The brew crop is stored in a nearby building

The fire occurred about an hour after the employees left. Fortunately, the inn was empty, Mr. Owlette comments.

With the sweetness removal season coming to an end, the team spent the day cleaningsays Gino Ole. All the rest time, in the winter, we had tenants, and we are glad that there were no injuries and no deaths. It’s just equipmentHe said.

The business employs ten people. We had a great team. It is a beautiful project in a small village of Gaspésiethe CEO of Ma Cabane en Gaspésie confirms.

Gino Ouellet bought the inn on February 7, 2019, and has since renovated it. It was his first real season. We opened six months during the pandemic, attached owner. The latter adds that this year, with the resumption of activities, the skate season and then the sweet removal season has been excellent.

The causes of the fire are currently unknown. The owner estimates the value of the reconstruction at more than one million dollars.

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