Start of season for some campers

Seasonal campgrounds are among commercial businesses in Ontario that may open, despite a declared state of emergency and a stay-at-home order to curb COVID-19 transmission.

Campgrounds are only accessible to campers who have a seasonal contract. They cannot accommodate customers for one or two nights.

Only camps with electricity, water and sanitation can be opened.

It allows us to operate on a limited basis, but it is still running, so I consider myself very lucky that other people haven’t worked much this year.

Quote from:Julie Roy, Veilleux Camping & Marina

Julie Roy is the owner of Veilleux Camping & Marina, near Hearst, with her partner.

Photo: Radio Canada / Frances Bouchard

Ms Roy notes that the camps are better prepared this season to deal with the restrictions imposed by the epidemic.

It’s very, very similar this year except for the stay-at-home order. I have few clients from abroad. They cannot travel nowas you say.

Ms Roy notes that the campers have signed a commitment to respect the regulations for the safety of all.

Campers cannot visit other camps or receive visitors, and they must respect social distancing.

Despite these handicaps, young Felix Britton and his mother, Jennifer Carroll, are happy to start a new camping season.

Camping feels good. We separate and spend time with the familyCarroll says.

Jennifer Carroll and her son Felix Britton are two from Hearst Camps.

Jennifer Carroll and her son Felix Britton are happy to start camping season.

Photo: Radio Canada / Frances Bouchard

Several campgrounds have received assistance from their association, Camping in Ontario.

We have worked with our members to ensure their COVID-19 plans are in placeSays Alexandra Anderson, general manager of the association.

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The organization believes that camping is probably the safest outdoor recreational activity. He wants the restrictions lifted after June 2, when his stay-at-home order expires.

Despite everything, Mrs. Roy sees a very good season for her job, as she did last year.

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