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Angelic Marignon takes charge and frees herself

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Madeleine Bellocaine, the actress who plays Angelique Marignon, was happy to see the new fate of her character.In seasons 3, 4, and 5, we made him climb into his gang, into his insanity. It became almost comic.

Judge Lacasi (Paul Savoy), Angelique Marignon (Madeleine Bellocaine) and Georgiana Pocono (Brigitte LaFleur) in a scene from the series “Les pays d’en haut” Photo: Bertrand Calmo

When Angelique left us, in Season 5, she looked like she was shadowing her, in a standstill.She was a little numb. The nice surprise is that she decided to take responsibility for her desire to come true. She will give herself a chance. We will meet another angelique, Reveals Madeleine Beloquen.

The two women and the man, in old clothes, look into the distance and appear sad.
Angelic Marignon (Madeleine Belloquine), her husband – Cyprian (Roger Leger) – and Aureli Bouchono (Charlotte Aubin) Photo: Bertrand Calmo

In 2020, this woman wouldn’t have been built and deployed the same way. Angelique became twisted in her time. She is an intelligent woman who wants to be free and be able to fulfill herself. Everything stops him. I am the first to say that I would have gone crazy like her at the time. […] She has all the abilities to free herself but is suffocated.

Madeleine Pilokin

In this short interview, the actress also talks about the challenges of filming the period series, especially in terms of language and the relationship between men and women. They were seen as objects, not as people.

The sixth and final season of the countryside It is broadcast every Monday at 9 pm on ICI Télé. All six seasons are offered Here is Extra.

Sarah Jane Labrouse, Roman Denise and Madeleine Bellocaine in elegant dresses from the ages for a wedding at Les pays d'en haut.
Donalda Baudrier, Bakurette Deschamps and Angelique Marignon (Photo: Les Productions Sovimage / Bertrand Calmeau)
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