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Suspension of Dr. Brian Nadler’s medical license

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In an email sent to Radio Canada, the order confirms that it took this action without notice.

The College took immediate action to suspend Dr. Nadler’s license without prior notice after learning of the allegations against him, The spokesperson writes the command.

The matter works closely with the authorities and we will take all necessary measures to protect the public as the investigation progresses., Is it written. We realize that this is a very difficult time for society.

The Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons can intervene If he sees that the organ behavior exposes or is likely to expose the organ’s patients to harm or injury, Indicates the note.

Under the section dealing with “Extraordinary Procedure for the Protection of the Public”, we may suspend a physician’s license, without notice, if we consider, for reasonable and probable reasons, the physician’s behavior. The party exposes or potentially exposes patients and urgent intervention is required, official speaker.

On the Order website, it displays the Dr. Nadler is now a case hanging Dated March 31, 2021. The accusation leveled against Brian Nadler was recorded in his file in the Department Interests.

The doctor was charged with first-degree premeditated murder by videoconference at L’Oreal Courthouse on Friday in connection with one of the suspicious deaths at Hawkesbury General Hospital on Thursday. Several elements of its appearance have been banned from publication.

The doctor at Hawkesbury General Hospital, Dr. Brian Nadler, 35, was arrested from Dollard de Ormo. His next appearance is scheduled for April 6 at L’Oreal Court.

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In an interview with CBCHis attorney, Alan Brass, explains that Mr. Nadler is claiming his innocence and will challenge the accusation.

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