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Talk about food insecurity during Nutrition Month

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High food prices increase the risk of food insecurity.

At the Vallée-de-l’Or Volunteer Center, there was a 25% to 30% increase in orders for the organization’s food bank.

We see new people, changing faces. It is a mistake to think that people who resort to food assistance are people who actually receive social assistance. It can also be low-income people, sometimes spouses who work with a salary, with children, and the income is not enoughsays Lina Dubras, general manager of the Vallée-de-l’Or Volunteer Center.

Vallée-de-l’Or Volunteer Centre. (Archives)

Photo: Radio Canada/Melanie Piccard

Dietitians in Canada identify different ways to eat more sustainably and less expensively.

Dietitian Nadine Moukheiber, of Dietitians of Canada, offers some tips to reduce the cost of our grocery basket.

Whatever you buy, try to reduce wasterecommends. To ensure that the products purchased are consumed and not thrown away at the end of the week or the end of the month. This means that the grocery cart, if it costs a little more, is at least used. Less food waste, less financial waste.

Moreover, as the cost of foods rises, nutritionists want consumers to keep looking for a variety of foods in order to get as many nutrients as possible.

We can find a solution by heading towards products that are likely to be a little easier to keep and which are probably more interesting from a budget point of view. I especially think of canned or dried legumes, which can be soaked and cooked at home. They really give us an amazing variety of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fibersNadine Moukheiber confirms.

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They also mention canned or frozen fruits and vegetables as options.

Lina Dubras is pleased that these days the Vallée-de-l’Or Volunteer Center is receiving so much fresh produce, thanks to the district’s network of food banks.

People are spoiled for food qualityconcluded.

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