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Targeted penalty-kick against Clemson left Justin Fields of Ohio left fans injured

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Goal penalty against Clemson Midfielder James Skalsky in the second quarter of the college football semifinals against Ohio State Fans were left confused and upset.

Skalski came out like a heat-seeking missile in Justin Fields’ scramble with 5:57 remaining in the first half. On his intervention, Skalsky leaned with the crown of his helmet to the back of Fields. The Ohio state midfielder was down for a few moments while holding his back while officials reviewed the play.

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Officials decided that Skalaski should be punished for targeting, which is an automatic expulsion.

Two games later, Ohio State extended their lead to 28-14 when Fields returned to the game and fired a touchdown pass to Chris Olaf. Then the fields came off the field in palpable pain.

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The play left audiences little concerned about the rules and whether the play should be considered targeted.

Skalski was also sent off in the National Championship game last season for a penalty kick against LSU wide receiver Justin Jefferson.

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The winner of the Sugar Bowl match will play between the Tigers and Buckeyes Alabama in the National Championship match. Clemson lost the national title match last season to LSU. Ohio has not played for the national title since the 2014 season.

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