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Ten new species were originally planned in Mass Effect: Andromeda

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Cluster effect: Andromeda It would have contained up to 10 new exotic species, but these were removed for budget, purpose and … for masquerade reasons!

One of the biggest criticisms of Mass Effect: Andromeda was the lack of new alien genres, especially when we introduced the Mass Effect trilogy to the Krogans, Asari, Drell, Butarians, Turians, Quarians, Hanaris, Elcor, Volus, and Protheans. , Geths, Vorchas, etc.

Apparently, this was not the original plan. Several Mass Effect developers: Andromeda recently spoke with The gamer To explain why these new genres never made it to the final game.

JH “He thinks it’s a project that just can’t live up to expectations,” said Neil Bullner, who was a lead writer. Mass effect 3 He wrote parts ofAndromeda. Not only regarding the level of the original trilogy, but also rational expectations that anyone would have to see Mass effect Go to a whole new galaxy. Domain [premier] Mass effect It was so formidable, there was an inherent promise that you had a new, equally important experience, with a lot of new things in it. [qui était censé être le premier] Diamond Effect Andromeda (New types, new traditions, a whole new galaxy at your fingertips, etc.)

“But we only received a budget for two new species, plus the leftovers. Not to mention we couldn’t even include all of the species in the Milky Way. And we wouldn’t be able to let you travel across the galaxy. That means we had to develop the story. About some blatant inorganic limits. So not only did you get something that looked (and was) a lot smaller than you had before, but almost every gamer has probably had something that they really like. Mass effect And this was not there. »

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Bollner explained his notes by referring to the major pre-production projects the team had in mind, including an extension of the experiment. First contact With new aliens, however, most of this work is not used.

Chris Hebler, another longtime screenwriter on licensing, explained that he came up with five or six new genres, and former Bioware screenwriter Joe Berry also came up with some genres. Amazing. »

Dorian Kieken, who was a developer on the franchise and early in developing theAndromedaHe explained that some of the earliest extraterrestrial concepts were: Beautiful And they are cut off because of one of the targets Diamond Effect Andromeda It is to allow fans to easily decorate the game characters.

Kieken said, “One of the strengths of the original trilogy Mass effect The is that you can dress up in most aliens except for Hanar, although I wouldn’t underestimate the creativity of some costume designers. Intention in Diamond Effect Andromeda It is introducing new and always accessible breeds into the world of cosplay, which is probably the reason for dropping the craziest concepts. “

Kieken even said that the two aliens that arrived in Andromeda are gradually becoming Cosplay safe, “The team tried to avoid the exotic species as well.” Jellyfish. »

If we hope that some of this work will make its way onto the next project Mass effectFans of the series can look forward to seeing the original game again in the future Legendary version of Mass Effect in May.

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