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Texas cold record: “We’ve never seen that before,” a Quebec resident instantly captivated

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Frisco, north of Dallas, may not have lived up to its name as it did on Monday as Texas faced an exceptional cold snap.

“Now the temperature is -13 degrees. With the wind factor, we were told about -22, -23 degrees,” Alan Dutil, a Quebec resident who has lived in Fresco since 2012, told TVA Nouvelles.

This city, like the rest of the state, is facing an unprecedented cold wave in recent decades. “We’ve never seen very cold temperatures like this, in fact. We’ve already seen fairly low temperatures, but we’ve come close to -13, we’ve never seen that before,” said Dutil.

According to the weather services, mercury fell below -14 ° C in Dallas, breaking the record of -9 ° C set more than a century ago, in 1909.

In addition to the cold, Mother Nature brought a good snowfall that temporarily turned Texas into a northern state.

“The biggest problem is the cold. […] The way homes are built in Texas is not as isolated as it is in Quebec. The cold gets inside a lot. But electricity companies cut off electricity every hour, Dutil said.

This discharge also left more than 4 million people without electricity at times.

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