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The Canadians: Brick Dube Shows New Weapons At The Junior Tournament

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Buffalo – At the junior level, Beric Dube has been honored for excelling at the defining moments. To his delight, the trend appears to continue during his professional experience with the Canadians.

The 21-year-old Quebec gave a very encouraging performance for the future. Knowing very well that his room to maneuver is minimal, Dobby manages to draw attention for the right reasons.

If it wasn’t too surprising to see him create some scoring opportunities, Dobby has shown that he can add strands to his arc by blocking shots and developing in numerical inferiority.

“I think I played more briefly in that match than I played in my entire football career,” he said with a smile. All I want is to become a full player. I tasted a new side and loved it with speed. »

“I know he’s a strong player, but Lappé (assistant Martin LaPerrie) managed a little bit in Quebec and we know his speed. “He’s smart and uses his stick well,” said coach Jean-François Hall, who wasn’t afraid to count on him.

During the questions that followed the match, we understood better how Dobby was able to incorporate new items into his arsenal.

“When I was young, I was recognized as an attacking player. But I trained with guys like (Patrice) Bergeron and (Philip) Danault this summer. Dobby, who scored several important goals in the final play-off round of Shawinigan Cataractis, said I went on the ice three times. a week with them.

“Give me advice. Attacking players in the NHL, there are thousands, if you want to, so if I want to get to the next level, I have to work on the defensive elements. I worked on it this summer with Bergeron, it helped me a lot.”

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There is no doubt that Dobby has taken the means to be well surrounded when he wants to break into the professional level.

“This was the third summer I trained with them. To rub shoulders with players who have long careers in the NHL who are dominant players, it’s always fun. No matter what they tell me, it goes in one ear and stays in my head. These are tips worth gold. I can only build on that,” admitted Dobby, who also trained with Waterfall prior to this tournament.

Of course, he would have loved to hit the target, especially when he snuck off in a breakaway two minutes before the end in the final third.

“These are the chances you have to take advantage of in the pros, it’s the second you’re lower compared to the juniors. Dobby replied it’s not fun to miss your chance and the opponent will score ten seconds after that.

However, his first professional test in the Canadian jersey was still successful.

“I think I did really well in the beginning, I skated well, I was very strong and created chances to score,” she concluded as a good collusion could have been discovered with Cédrick Guindon and Brett Stapley.

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