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who am I?

When I left CEGEP, I began studying physical therapy, which I did not finish because it did not satisfy my need to write. I now hold BA and MA degrees in Sociology, both from Laval University. I have written a novel that is supposed to be published next year by Semaphore Editions.

My news in a nutshell

the future It takes place in a futuristic world where a Quebec company has marketed a device that allows people to see their future. Oddly enough, the device only allows access to completely unimportant details.

My inspiration for this text

During happy times with friends I haven’t known for a long time, I would sometimes ask them to imagine their reaction if, a few years ago, when we didn’t even know we existed, they were shown a movie of that future moment. I was fascinated by the previously unanticipated nature of the possibility of such strong complicity. It was this memory that inspired the future.

The first lines of my short story

Chronos’ commercial success came as soon as it marketed its first consumer device. It was an electronic tablet, sold in various forms, allowing to watch the film of his future life. It’s been a long time since then with the huge number of cameras installed around the world – from the Mariana Trench, to Confessions, to vital organs – but above all due to the tiny personal drones that continuously track the movements of every individual on Earth, it has been We have infallible access to our past, sometimes even in proportions that transcend direct experience of it. »

Quote from excerpt from the futureWritten by Etienne Baudry Souci

The Prix de la création Radio-Canada is a true starting point for Canadian writers, and is open to anyone who writes, whether amateur or professional. Each year they reward the best poems, short stories and unpublished stories submitted to the competition.

Winner or winner will win :

  • He posted his text on;
  • A two-week writing residency at the Banff Center for the Arts in Alberta;
  • Scholarship worth $6000, provided by the Canadian Council on the Arts.
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