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The fatal collapse in Mexico City | Carlos Slim will finance the reconstruction of the metro line

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(Mexico) Mexico’s richest man, Carlos Slim, reached an agreement with authorities in Mexico City on Wednesday to fund the rebuilding of a metro line that collapsed last May, killing 26 people.

The telecom and construction magnate announced that his subsidiary Grupo Carso will pay the bill for rebuilding the collapsed section as well as reinforce other vulnerable sections to protect the infrastructure from frequent earthquakes.

Grupo Carso made it clear in a statement to stock markets that the initiative does not constitute an admission of responsibility for the disaster. She also said that this project will not have a material impact on the company’s business.

Mexico City justice officials announced Monday that criminal charges will be brought against ten “individuals and companies” believed to be responsible for the design and construction defects that caused the collapse.

In its statement, Grupo Carso claims to have reached its own conclusions about the cause of the collapse, but says it would prefer not to publicize the matter.

In the past, some of the companies involved in building the metro for more than a decade have claimed that subsequent renovations had the effect of adding too much weight to the suspended section.

Prosecutors responsible for the prosecution said the measures were aimed at making the offending companies pay for material damage to infrastructure and compensate the families of the victims.

Grupo Carso says he wants to do both.

The charges in court include manslaughter or criminal negligence, tort and causing bodily harm.

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According to local media, former city officials are among the accused. No arrest warrant was issued. The defendants were asked to appear in court on 25 October.

According to experts consulted by the prosecution, the collapse was due to construction defects such as poor quality welds or missing parts. Poor design could also have played a role in the disaster.

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