The first season of the series will be available free for 30 days to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate holders

Halo series is coming soon, March 24th to be exact, and license fans are eagerly awaiting this mod. And good news for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate owners, you’ll be able to access Season 1 for free for 30 days.

Season 1 is eagerly awaited

To be completely comprehensive in our interpretations, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users will have access to Paramount Plus for about a month (Master Chief Series Distribution Service). With Microsoft holding the exclusive rights to the Halo series, this partnership between Paramount Plus and Microsoft was expected. Kiki Wolfkill, Transmedia Content Manager at 343 Industries, puts a lot of hope on the content of the series:

“When we set out to create a series about Halo and the Master Chief, our goal was not only to create an epic sci-fi adventure that would be entertaining, but to really dive into the characters, their personal stories, and the expansion of the Halo universe that we’ve mostly seen in video games.

The first season cost nearly $10 million per episodeand it has already been renewed for a 2 season. Suffice it to say that there is a lot of hope for the series’ success with the audience. The series will also be available in . format Subscribe to the channel + As we saw earlier. We can’t wait to find out the value of the series on March 24th.

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