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Nvidia posts drivers who raised their mining limit to 3060 … by chance

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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It all started with the Geforce 470.50 beta drivers. Sites Computer baseAnd the Devices And the Watch the computer It was soon found that it was possible to mine Euthereum with RTX 3060 at a normal rate of 45 MHz / s instead of the usual 23-28 MHz / s.

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It appears that the restrictions preventing mining of this cryptocurrency are partially overlooked by Nvidia. Only partly, because if it allows mining with a graphics card, it prevents many connections as in the case of an excavator.

Image credit: Computer base

Nvidia may claim it’s gamers thinking and release a bunch of mining graphics cards, but its rhetoric is struggling to get there. If a player decides when not playing, it’s not Nvidia’s job to stop them. On the other hand, AMD has not announced such restrictions, while its graphics cards are finally competing with Nvidia. It’s also pushing its fans towards the AMD camp, especially since with the current shortage of RTX 3080, many gamers are ditching Nvidia and getting a 6800XT, or even 6900XT.

Image credit: Computer base

Regarding minors, the fact that the RTX 3060s could not be connected in parallel remains an issue that will continue to distract them from this graphics card. At the moment, it is not known if Nvidia deliberately loosened its protection or if this was a bug.

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