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The “future of gaming”, this sci-fi mega-game highlights its graphical qualities, because Star Citizen is breathtaking!

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In development for more than 10 years, This production from Cloud Imperium Games fascinates video game fans. Star Citizen promises to be amazing. At the end of 2023, future gamers will be able to discover Citizen Con, an event entirely dedicated to gaming with a budget of over $600 million! The development teams announce it: Thanks to the Star Engine, the science fiction world of video games is in danger of being completely revolutionized.

Star Citizen, “The Future of Gaming”

In-depth character customization, textures that adapt to their environment, and more than realistic physics, Citizen Con was a slap in the face to future players. It's enough to make Starfield, the latest SF game from Bethesda Studios, blush. Cloud Imperium Games Studios announces amazing production, especially with the constant build and improvements of its in-house graphics engine: Star engine. Thanks to a 25-minute video, fans of the genre were able to discover the capabilities of the engine in detail!

No loading time between the moment the ship takes off but also throughout the planets, gorgeous landscapes, realistic light management, advanced levels of detail… The star engine, if effective in the final version of the game, It can slap the competition in the face.

Star engine in action!

Thanks to this video, we see the true power of the innovative engine, and this is enough to make players dream, who at the moment are satisfied with the alpha version of production. Additionally, Star Citizen's single-player campaign, called Squadron 42, must live up to the high-performance Star Engine and exploit all of its capabilities.

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Users will be able to discover open areas to explore as they please, plots of land with different fates, transportation systems with no loading times, or even dozens and dozens of options to customize their hero. One thing is for sure, we can't wait to see the final result! After ten years of development, players are expecting a lot from Star Citizen.

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