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The governor refuses to request a vaccination permit

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Several measures have also been announced to ease restrictions, such as a curfew that will be postponed until 11pm on Friday.

And the governor of Guadeloupe indicated, on Wednesday evening, that he was postponing the application of the vaccination permit on the island at least to March 28, but the final decision will be determined by mid-March, while the government plans to remove it from the end of March. March or early April at the latest. And he announced on Twitter, “The vaccination card is postponed (at least 28 March), the decision set for mid-March.”

At the beginning of February, Governor Alexandre Rochat announced that the vaccination card would enter into force in two stages in Guadeloupe from March 7 for cultural institutions open to the public, and then from March 21 for institutions open to the public, in particular sports. Events, hotels and restaurants. The vaccination permit has been compulsory in France for certain activities since January 24. But the law states that governors can set the timetable for the entry into force of the vaccination permit on their lands, when circumstances justify it.

The curfew has been postponed until 11pm.

The governor then explained this two-phase entry into force with the Novavax vaccine delivery schedule, whose technology is said to be “more classic than that used with messenger RNA” and which could convince some immunization-resistant in Guadeloupe where less than 50% of the The population received the first dose. In addition, as of Friday, the curfew has been postponed to 11pm, and the restriction of 6 people per table in restaurants as well as the 8m2 scale in stores has been lifted.

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