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The Italian government wants to restrict foreign words. As under Mussolini, the opposition will fight

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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The bill was signed by, among others, Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies and high-ranking post-fascist party Brotherhood of Italy (FdI) Fabio Rampelli. Rampelli told Radio Radical that many countries in Europe enjoy the protection and support of their state language. According to him, the introduced law would make it easier for people who only spoke Italian to understand the text.

According to far-right MPs, penalties should be imposed in the range of 5,000 to 100,000 euros for using words from foreign languages ​​that have an equivalent in Italian. Rampelli said that a public document will be proposed, which will establish a public report and a large company.

It follows from the proposed text that damage can affect, for example, advertisements for goods and services. According to AGI, despite the mandatory interpretation into Italian at foreign language conferences and the mandatory use of Italian in training classes, their main goal is not to teach foreign languages.

The opposition criticized the bill, noting that even Prime Minister Georgia Milonyov himself used killers in official texts. For example, one of the ministries is officially called the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy. According to some opponents of the policy, the suggestion is a reminder of the destruction using foreign words emanating from Mussolini’s fascist regime. However, Rampelli refused, saying that only a general document had been proposed.

Even the Accademia della Crusca, an institution concerned with the correct use of the Italian language, rejected the efforts of the vicar from the FdI. Foundation stated that the proposals to fine the use of foreign words, on the contrary, have efforts to reduce foreign language inflation.

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According to the wording of the law, the Italian language is currently suffering from an obsession with killing foreigners, which, according to the policies of the extreme right, may increase in the long term and lead to the disappearance of the Italian language. We point out that the English-speaking poet has become more and more popular in the past twenty years. In the first dictionary of the Italian language, Treccani, there are approximately 9,000 languages ​​out of the 800,000 recorded murders, for initially difficult reasons.

Soon corruption of foreign words began to appear in Russia. There, President Vladimir Putin signed the law with an arrest warrant. The legislation now prohibits the government from using foreign words in documents, correspondence, and public speeches. The only exceptions are words that cannot be replaced in actions. The government wants to fight corrupt influences and Russophobia.

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