The majority of Canadians believe that unvaccinated health care and education workers should be laid off

An Angus Reed Institute poll on Monday showed that about 70% of the population would support the dismissal of health care and education workers who refuse to be vaccinated.

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Compared to other provinces, Quebec will be among the most reluctant to punish workers who refuse to be vaccinated. While in British Columbia 76% of those surveyed want to lay off unvaccinated health care workers, in Quebec the figure drops to 65%.

The report states that “the majority of Canadians believe that airline workers, teachers, responders, healthcare professionals, restaurant workers, construction workers, and people who work for small businesses should lose their jobs if they refuse to be vaccinated.”

Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Quebec are the only provinces where a majority of the population opposes the dismissal of construction workers.

In regards to people who work in small businesses (less than 10 people), Quebec is also one of the provinces that is speaking out against their dismissal in the event of not being vaccinated. The other two provinces are Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

fear of disease

The survey also found that fear of contracting the coronavirus is much higher among those who have already been vaccinated. 38% say they are anxious, while 17% say they are very worried. On the other hand, 82% of people who had not been vaccinated said they weren’t really concerned or not at all.

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Aid to other countries

In general, Canadians are torn between the desire to provide doses of the vaccine to low-income countries and the desire to focus on eliminating the disease at home. Quebec is the only province (52%) where the majority want to focus attention on less affluent countries.

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