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The mighty Notre Dame de Paris |

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During the premiere in Quebec, Bruno Pelletier dressed as Gringoire, a role he held while creating the production. The first words of the opening cathedral timingsspontaneous applause and shouts.

Angelo Del Vecchio as Quasimodo

Photo: Radio Canada/Israel Tangway

Bruno Pelletier wasn’t the only one from the original show to take the stage at the Grand Théâtre. Spectators were delighted to see Daniel Lavoie in the role of Frollo. At 73, her voice is still strong and emotional.

The audience would have liked to applaud him for a while longer when the priest shouts his love for Esmeralda loudly and vociferously. I love youbut as the soundtrack is passed on, the applause continued until the end.

hunchback in height

Angelo del Vecchio personified Quasimodo for over ten years. The singer has the same record as Garou, who gave his own beans to the character.

With a hoarse voice, Angelou managed to sing all the pain in the world. He slips into humpback skin subtly, a physically demanding role.

The person playing Quasimodo starts after connecting it with a big wooden wheel beautifulAnother essential component of music. Following their verses, he, Daniel Lavoie and Martin Gero who translates Phoebus, unite their voices in a wonderful moment of vocal power.

play love

The accent of Heda Dani gives an exotic touch to Esmeralda. She embraces seduction without falling for vulgarity.

Although she doesn’t interact much with the other characters, Emma Lippin’s presence as Fleur de is not as noticeable.

Notre-Dame de Paris wouldn’t be so exciting without the team of dancers and acrobats spinning on stage. the number Court of Miracles Led by Jay who plays Clopin, highlights their talent. Artists move in a well-designed chaos, breathing life into this tragedy.

The musical is presented in Quebec until September 3 before moving to Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivieres.

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