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The Model: The Relational Puzzle duty

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Spilled coffee, and voila: a love story begins. FormIt is the first game from the independent California Graceful Decay studio and it combines a funny fairy tale magic trick with science games from two perspectives. But in the middle of the night, as we know, the carriage returns again to percussion, because even the most beautiful romances sometimes hit the wall. And there isn’t always a solution to the relationship puzzle.

Then the coffee spilled. This hardly avoids Michael’s sketchbook, a young reserved and even then busy drawing a castle. Trophy is king of Kenzi who apologizes before he cares about Michael’s drawings. Resulting in this, she in turn draws the notebook, writing her number there as well. The spark is ignited.

on the principle, Form It is the mystery of the perspectives. Under a dome in the center of the stadium, we find the exact version of the aforementioned field in a miniature version. If you put a small object in the model, a gigantic version of it would appear outside the dome. The opposite is also true: we will find in the model a small replica of a large object placed outside it.

Many interesting challenges follow. The key can be too big for the lock, so it will be minimized to open the door. The same object can also be enlarged to act as a bridge. The idea is refreshing and the technology behind it is impressive, especially since everything is rendered in real time.

We will not divulge anything by saying that Michael and Kenzi’s relationship will not be eternal. Form It starts with Michael who finds this sketchbook in a box long after the couple has separated, and who still finds it hard to accept. Behind every mystery hides an important moment in this love story. By revisiting the memories immortalized in the drawings, we walk with him towards acceptance.

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Visually, the game is cool, simple and with a very restrictive signature that is its strength. For the ear, it’s also pure fun: a soundtrack for both piano and guitar with popular accents.

But it was kind of expected that all of these great ideas would give rise to sandbox games. Unfortunately, Form All in all it remains very linear and each puzzle seems to have only one solution. At least our lovebirds’ story is impressive (like a slow train accident) and the mechanics are so interesting, which prompted us to keep experimenting.

Are we under the influence of magic? Form ? Yes, for a moment. Two and a half hours, to be exact. But once the game is over, it’s hard to imagine returning, given the lack of variety. In a relationship, some little trouble sometimes becomes overwhelming.



Designed by Graceful Decay and published by Annapurna Interactive. Available for Sony PlayStation 4, 5, and PCs (Windows).

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