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The new iPhone 14 concept sells dreams

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Tik Tok Tok Tok. Like every year, Apple should unveil its new range of smartphones next September. There is still plenty of time before that deadline, but that doesn’t stop us from actually thinking about what to do next. This is exactly what YouTube the Hacker 34 tried to do by providing a concept video of what this new phone could look like.

Will the status bar be fixed on iPhone 14?

As far as can be said right from the start, this video suggested by the videographer clearly has something to tempt her. The iPhone 14 Pro will therefore have a very elegant aesthetic, with cameras mounted on the back of the phone. We can also see the homemade A16 Bionic chip, or the presence of Power Drop, which should allow you to charge other devices by placing it on the back of your iPhone.

What is the size of the screens?

Hacker 34 also discusses new features of iOS 16 such as Always on Screen, interactive widgets, and the ability to have more than one app on the screen at the same time. Finally, a new status bar with information such as battery percentage or date can be added.

Suffice to say we liked the concept a lot, but we’re still far enough from checking out the bets on the future this videographer takes. If you want to know more about iPhone 14, we can only advise you to read our post Which lists our latest rumors so far.

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In particular, we are learning more about the size of the screens, which can range from 6.1 to 6.7 inches depending on the model chosen. Finally, ProMotion technology that refreshes the broadcast image up to 120 times per second will be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro. – the official . app

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