The Science: Here are 7 things men find attractive in women

Dear ladies, if you have ever wondered what attracts men to you the most, these 7 items are the answers you have been looking for!

facial symmetry

It’s when the left side of your face matches the right side and vice versa, with things matching perfectly side by side. According to researchers, it is more attractive.


According to the results of a study conducted at the University of Manchester, lips are the most attractive physical feature of a woman.

To agree with that, just consider how awesome you are, especially when they have lipstick.

Strong eye contact

Forget to say that the eyes are the window to the soul, they are also the door that attracts the attention of the lover. It turns out that your pupils dilate quite a bit when you’re attracted to someone. People seem to be very drawn to the dilated pupils. Lesson to learn: Never miss an opportunity to focus your attention on your future lover.

beautiful teeth

Research shows that straight white teeth are also very attractive.

beautiful smiles

Another study suggests that men are attracted to women who smile a lot.

This is true, because it is clear that smiling makes a woman more beautiful than melancholy and frowning. Men are more attracted to women who smile. It’s not like you’re pulling them in with a grimace.

louder voice

High-pitched sounds seem sexier. The researchers suggest that this is because higher-pitched voices often correspond to a smaller stature, which our society considers more attractive.

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Red color

One particular study of color stereotypes included two pictures of the same woman. She wore blue in one of the two photos, and red in the other, and she posed herself in both photos. Based on the results, the image of the woman in red was found to be more attractive and sexually desirable.

Obviously, this explains why red underwear is in high demand.

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