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The submarine lost off Bali ‘sank’

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The Indonesian Navy confirmed on Saturday that the missing submarine off Bali, with 53 men on board, “sank”, leaving little hope for the survival of the crew, whose oxygen reserves will be depleted.

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The Navy found at sea several submarine debris that we have not heard of since Wednesday, and some of these debris are coming from inside the submarine, suggesting irreparable damage.

Hundreds of soldiers and twenty boats are mobilized to locate 402- OMEGA – 200mg / 100ml MGIt is a submersible forty years old and was built in Germany.

The Navy estimated at about 72 hours the maximum oxygen reserves available to crew members in the event of a power outage, and that deadline was exceeded early Saturday morning, making their survival unlikely.

“On the basis of the elements we believe exist KRI NanggalaWe have changed the submarine status from “hidden” to “sunken,” said Yudo Margono, spokesman for the Indonesian Navy.

He said that the debris found “cannot exit the submarine without external pressure or without damaging the torpedo launcher system.”

The Navy recovered several items, including a piece of torpedo system and a bottle of grease used to lubricate the submarine scope.

I also found a prayer rug used by Muslims.

The Navy spokesman indicated that the search is continuing, but the deep rescue operation appears “very risky and difficult.”

“We do not know the condition of the victims, because we have not found any of them yet,” he added. “But after you find these things, you can come to your own conclusions.”

The submarine, one of five submarines available to the Indonesian Navy, took place early Wednesday during the planned military exercises north of Bali. Contact with the submarine was lost soon after.

Military authorities estimate that the submarine may have sunk to a depth of 700 meters, which is much higher than it was designed for.

They gave no explanation for what happened or why he had more passengers than his planned quarantine.

The discovery of an oil slick in the area where he dived raised concerns that the tank might rupture, or even break up, the submarine said, according to experts.

This fuel slick is a “bad sign,” recalled retired French Vice Admiral Jean-Louis Vichot, former commander of the nuclear missile submarine (SNLE).

This diesel is in bunkers, inside and out. “If the structure is cracked, the tanks will be broken, and the diesel will rise to the surface,” he told France Press.

This type of submarine is built to withstand water pressure that can reach depths of between 300 and 400 meters. According to this expert, its shell is more likely to fracture if it comes under stronger pressure.

The Navy claimed that the submarine, which was delivered to Indonesia in 1981, was in good condition for service.

The Southeast Asian archipelago does not have its submarine rescue capabilities and has summoned foreign naval forces.

The United States has sent airborne forces, while two Australian Navy ships have arrived in the area.

Reinforcements from India and Malaysia as well as a Singaporean ship specializing in submarine rescue MV Swift Rescue, Is also expected.

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Indonesia has never before experienced serious accidents related to its submarines, but many other countries have experienced fatal accidents.

In 2000, the submarine powered by nuclear power KurskThe main ship of the Russian Northern Fleet sank during maneuvers in the Barents Sea (northwestern Russia), killing 118 crew members.

In 2017, the Argentine submarine San Juan, With 44 sailors on board, disappeared 400 km off the coast.

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