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Babi Matar Sar, a Senegalese nugget that shines in France

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The 18-year-old midfielder, Babi Matar Sarr, has dazzled Senegalese footballer since his debut in the French Football Championship (Ligue 1) with FC Metz. To the point of sparking growing interest in Ligue 1 and beyond. focus.

On April 24th, FC Metz lost at home 3-1 to Paris Saint-Germain from Kylian Mbappe, who had a brace. However, in the shadow of the Parisian star, another young player also achieved remarkable things during this match for the French football championship (Ligue 1): Babi Matar Sarr. The Senegalese had a particularly good shot.

“He’s got it all.”

Habitat of Thiaroye (Dakar region) is one of the finds for this 2020-2021 season. Messins still has dozens of international African players in their workforce, such as Algerian Alexandre Okidja, Ivorian Victorian Angban, Tunisian Dylan Braun or Mali Mamadou Fofana. But it feels good for everyone to talk about the 18-year-old midfielder.

Winger Lamine Joy, who likewise trained in Generation Foot, was not surprised: “ He is a really talented young man who is very serious about training or during matches. It has always been like this. He works hard. »

Garnets captain John Bowie watches his teammate. ” He is a very good young player and we are all behind himGhanaian cannons are fired. He has great potential. We always push him, encourage him, talk to him and give him confidence. He’s got it all ».

“Leave it alone!”

Capable of playing a defensive midfielder, playmaker, torchbearer or on both sides, the Teranga Lion is already sparking media interest and the interest of other clubs. ” Leave it alone, let it grow quietly. We talk about it a lot, I think, Annoys his coach, Frederic Anthony. He still has a lot of progress ahead of him in all areas: physical, tactical and technical. He has great potential for development. But there is still a young player. He loses balloons, and he doesn’t always position himself well ».

The technician, who has seen many excellent players from Africa, is trying to protect his block. ” I never talk about it. You (journalists) are talking about it. I play it, Says the technician during a press conference. I did a half-hour video session with him. I am trying to bring him my experience to help him progress ».

Frederick Anthony also gives an anecdote about the man who arrived in Metz in October 2020. ” The first three months no one spoke about him because he cried every day, The one who brought out also bypasses Bastia, Saint-Etienne, Nice-Renn and Lille. Nobody cares about it. There is this hidden side that is sometimes difficult to deal with. He had a lot of trouble adjusting ».

“It’s Miralem Pjanic.”

Who said that walking in the footsteps of Sadio Mane, Babis Sisi, Diavra Sakho or Ismail Sarr, also went through Generation Foot and then FC Metz? Certainly not Olivier Perrin. But the current general manager of the training structures of Metz club and the former general manager of the football generation is full of praise for Babi Matar Saar. ” In Senegal, at the age of fifteen and a half, he made his Ligue 1 debut, He says. I immediately told myself he was at the top, reading and analyzing the game at a very, very high level. I’m Miralem Pjanic [milieu de terrain passé par Metz, Lyon, Rome, la Juventus Turin et le FC Barcelone, Ndlr]. He really is one of the two different players ».

After playing the U-17 Africa Cup of Nations and the U-17 World Cup 2019, Babi Matar Sarr joined the Senegalese national team. Coach Alio Cisse launched in March 2021, the cousin of Sidi Sarr, another Senegalese international. A logical continuation if one thinks Olivier Perrin Dithrambeek. ” There are big clubs that took care of Babi Matar Sarr when he was very young. But he was already under a professional contract with Generation Foot. So he had to go to Metz Club. “I’m not sure there will be multiple seasons, given her performance.

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