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The Vaccination Passport: A Mystery for Exceptional Cases Like Medicago

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A participant in the Medicago vaccine clinical study is struggling to get proof of vaccination, despite it being one of the exceptional cases authorized by the government.

Because he was involved in the Quebec company’s clinical study, Frederic Perron was not vaccinated with one of the vaccines licensed by Health Canada.

However, the Ministry of Health announced that some exceptional cases, including participants in the Medicago study, can still obtain the vaccination passport.

In order to have his own relationship, Frédéric Perron first contacted Medicago to find out what procedure to follow.

The company provided him with a procedure, and asked him to come to the vaccination center with proof of his participation in the study and identification.

But when he went to the vaccination center in Repentini, he was told that it was not possible.

“They checked, but in their database, they didn’t have that exception, so they made me fill out a form and told me to ‘go home,'” Peron says.

Shortly thereafter, an official at the vaccination center called him to tell him he had to call Medicago so they could give him the procedure to follow.

“I felt like I had something redundant,” the study participant laments.

TVA Nouvelles contacted the office of the Minister of Health, which confirmed that Medicago was one of the exceptional cases and that, in principle, Frédéric Perron should have received his QR code.

While the vaccine passport has been in effect since September 1 in Quebec, Mr. Peron still has it in hand.

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“I expected not to be punished even though I was part of a study, but in the end, when I went to the vaccination center, I realized it wasn’t going to be as easy as I was told,” he notes.

Based on information from Catherine Bouchard

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