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TikTok denies the security breach that led to the theft of millions of users’ data

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PARIS, September 6 (Benin News / EP) –

tik tok He denied an alleged security breach in which a hacker gained access to the account records of billions of its users and the video platform’s internal source code.

against the West From the hacker forum Forums violations He claimed to own data obtained from TikTok and WeChatTencent,.

Alibaba Cloud and protected with a “useless password”, As Forbes reports.

security advisor Troy Hunt

publicly available

On the other hand, the data on user payments information has been described as “inconclusive,” and even completely “false” in some cases. Ultimately, his analysis led to ” Inconclusive“On the authenticity of the infusion.

For its part, the platform is owned by Byte Dance“irralavent”. With a social network.

account suspended From against the West

A bug that allows account theft with one click

The bug would have allowed users’ accounts to be hacked from TikTok with a single click. However, the Redmond-based company claimed it had no record of exploiting the breach since it became aware of its existence.

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