to see | Dramatic ocean-like clouds

A Minnesota woman recently photographed an ocean-like cloud formation in a now-viral image.

Teresa Byrne-Lucas of Bemidji was heading home on Interstate 64 after a long week in Rochester when storm clouds began to form. In a Facebook post, she explained that her daughter was at home and that she was worried about her mother.

She wrote, “She panicked and wanted to know how long she stayed until I got home, so I took this picture and said ‘I’m near Akeley’.”

According to information reported by the New York Post, she didn’t even look at the photo until she got home and her daughter told her how cute she was.

She posted the photo on social media, where it instantly went viral. Lucas said she has received messages from viewers around the world asking her about the stunning photo.

Reactions on social media were mixed, with some wondering if the photo had been sprayed, while others were amazed at the seascape in the sky.

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