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Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps in the World in 2021

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Now is the time to evaluate! tik tok It’s still the most downloaded app in the world (and in the US) in 2021, according to Apptopia. The comparison app platform has just been revealed Top 10 Downloaded Apps around the world and the United States this year. For this, the site collected download data from iOS and Google Play, with the exception of China, whose data comes from iOS only.

Chinese social network, which shook The world of social networks, so it continues to climb. With 656 million downloads in 2021 worldwide, according to the numbers analyzed by Apptopia, TikTok stands out as the app of the year 2021, after it was already in 2020. The platform is ahead of the group Meta with apps Instagram In second place, Facebook in third place, followed by WhatsApp (fourth).

Note that the Covid-19 pandemic still has consequences for the use of apps. With the spread of remote work, Zoom, which enables video meetings, remains among the ten most downloaded applications in the world and in the United States.

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Although Neflix is ​​no longer among the top 10 worldwide, Spotify entered the race in 2021, in tenth place with 203 million downloads worldwide. Across the Atlantic, streaming platform HBO Max has captured Americans by amassing 45 million downloads this year.

Top 10 most downloaded apps in 2021 around the world

1. TikTok – 656 million

2. Instagram – 545 million

3. Facebook – 416 million

4. WhatsApp – 395 million

5. Telegram – 329 million

6. Snapchat – 327 million

7. Zoom – 300 million

8. Messenger – 268 million

9. CapCut – 255 million

10. Spotify – 203 million

The 10 most downloaded apps in 2021 in the US

1. TikTok – 94 million

2. Instagram – 64 million

3. Snapchat – 56 million

4. Cash app – 56 million

5. Zoom – 52 million

6. Messenger – 51 million

7. Facebook – 47.3 million

8. WhatsApp – 47.2 million

9. YouTube – 47 million

10. HBO Max – 45 million

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