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Tribute to Guy LaFleur | An evening that promises to be special to Patrice Bergeron

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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In theory, Sunday night’s game between the Canadians and the Bruins doesn’t mean much, but to Patrice Bergeron, it will mean something.

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Richard Lab

Richard Lab

The Canadian is preparing for a big tribute evening in memory of Guy Lafleur, and Bergeron is already delighted to be a part of it. Because the former player number 10 has a very special place in his memories.

“I am a young man from Quebec, and Jay finished his career with the Nordic team,” the Bruins player explained on Sunday morning. I vaguely remember his last match at the Colosseum in Quebec, and the celebration that took place. He was a favorite of my father and an idol for many, whether they were fans of Canadians or Nordics. »

Bergeron never had a chance to meet Lafleur, let alone see him go through his glory years with the Canadians – the Bruins star was born in 1985, after Lafleur left Montreal – but like many, he had the opportunity to watch him with video magic.

“When you come across old clips of Canadian matches, what you notice about Jay is his speed…that’s the first thing you notice. You can see his own speed compared to other players, and that’s what amazes you, like the quality of his skateboarding and the quality of his shot…as well as his hair in the wind!” »

Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy doesn’t necessarily have fond memories of Guy Lafleur, because the big guy would hurt the Bruins badly in the old days.

He recalls, “Especially during the 1979 qualifiers! It was a very good streak for Guy and the Canadiens, but not very good for Don Cherry and the Bruins…So there’s that rivalry between the Canadians and the Bruins, but there’s also this mutual respect, that respect that We all enjoy it for Guy, even for those who were Bruins fans.”

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