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Truck drivers shortage: London could issue more temporary visas

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He took power in July 2019, winning the general election held a few months later with a promise Achieving Britain’s exit from the European UnionMr Johnson must now convince the British of the benefits of leavingEuropean Union It is highly praised.

It is currently facing multiple crises, such as high gas prices and a shortage of supermarkets and gas stations due to a shortage of truck drivers.

He attributes this to the recovery in the global economy after the pandemic, and the exceptional demand caused by panic buying at gas stations.

London said last week that temporary visas would be issued to 5,000 foreign truck drivers and 5,000 poultry workers to ease difficulties supplying service stations and some food products.

What we have now is a system that allows us to control migration, and that gives us flexibility.

Quote from:Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister

We can open the markets if we feel the need to, and of course we keep everything under reviewBoris Johnson told reporters during a trip to the hospital. He also announced Friday that about 200 soldiers will be deployed on Monday to supply gas stations, which have long queues for two weeks.

The government continues to stress that the UK does not have a shortage of fuel, but the shortage is caused by exceptional demand resulting from purchases by anxious consumers.

Photo: Getty Images/AFP/ADRIAN DENNIS

Person in charge of Gasoline Retailers Association (PRA) Brian Maderson said on Saturday on BBC That the fuel shortage still exists Really very problematic in London and South East England.

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The British Road Transport Association (RHA) estimates that the UK is short of 100,000 drivers, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic that has prompted professionals to change professions and hampered the training of new drivers for a year, as well as post-Brexit immigration rules now ban the hiring of European drivers.

With information from Agence France-Presse

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