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TV adaptation of The Wild airs brochure on March 16th

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Posted in 2018, Wildlife handbook It is the third novel by Jean-Philippe Barel Girard. The author, who is also an actor, playwright and director, explores highly competitive environments in his literary work – stardom (Sports and Entertainment), Law Studies (Royal(world of humor)high demolition) – filled with characters who are obsessed with success at any cost, which comes at the expense of their health and moral integrity.

at Wildlife handbook, protagonist Kevin Lambert is working on an app that makes it easier for video game designers to work. His research led him to develop a tool that allows communication with the dead from the digital traces of the past.

The idea came to Jean-Philippe Barel Girard after reading an article from the magazine wired It tells the story of a man who tests artificial intelligence in the hopes of giving his dying father a second life. It was also inspired by an episode of the British series Worship black mirrorauthorized I’ll come backwhich deals with the exact question of transhumanism.

Near the house, Jean-Philippe Baril Guérard has teamed up with Quebec-based video game programmer and designer Lazlo Bonin to better understand the world of digital technology. About Asala Wildlife handbookA computer expert in a capsule says on the Series Plus website that Everything is happening faster, bigger and stronger, but the rule is there.

Directed by Christian Lawrence (web therapyAnd sliding), the six-episode short series reflects the artistic vision depicted by Jean-Philippe Barel Girard. The result is cohesive, faithful to my initial intentions and unique in our television scene. You couldn’t have wished for a better first experience in the world of TVThe author said in a press release.

to note that Wildlife handbook It was the subject of a theatrical adjustment last fall, at Duceppe. The play is shown through Friday in a video recording on the theater’s website, in a version designed for cameras by director Anne Emmond (NellyAnd Young Juliet).

Starring Louis Morissette, Gildor Roy, Catherine Brunet, and Jean-Philippe Barel Girard, series Wildlife handbook It will air next Wednesday at 8 pm on Series Plus.

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