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Two sons: Three men on the verge of a nervous breakdown

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The Holy Trinity, the Three Acts of Tragedy, the Three Graces, the Three Steps of the Platform … The number three is often found in our everyday myths, often referring to the idea of ​​hierarchy, or at least, of complementarity. For his first production, titled two sonsFelix with me is shuffling the cards a little bit.

It is that the three elements he relies on to construct his story are certainly not hierarchical, but rather linear, not to mention completely flat. Father and son…and the youngest son at the heart of his film are already at the end of their wits.

A doctor’s father because his brother died of cancer and he is going through a deep existential crisis and he dreams of being a writer. The eldest son is a doctoral student in psychoanalysis at Hijran Tam; Because he is in love; and the latter because he no longer knew which saint to turn to for evidence or a model.

Two sons, Felix favorable Photo: Victor Mwati

Exploring masculinity in crisis, two sons He, but he managed to find a particularly original tone. Neither sad nor funny while it is, it wanders a fine thread: a watchful-looking story sometimes deep, sometimes light, sometimes lively, sometimes indifferent, sometimes sad, sometimes full of life.

The most poignant thing about this – other than the always fair and always attractive presence of Benoit Boelfordi, Vincent Lacoste and the young Mathieu Capella – is the director’s gaze imbued with benevolence and clarity of what constantly burdens men. You must be strong, strong, manly, seductive, combative, fearsome, irresistible… However, when landmarks crumble, when social dictates only reveal new barriers, when the world continues to make others sink but glorifies them, how to be a man?

Some musical notes of jazz, a stage show with an often nocturnal nature, three solid actors, and a warm, deep story: two sons He has the charm and humility of these half-word answers to great human questions.

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