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Ubisoft delays release of settlers

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The news has just fallen, a great return to the management gameUbisoft It will not take place on the specified date. Indeed, the studio published a message announcing the release of sedentary Transformation.

The match was scheduled for March 17, 2022, but that was before.


product sedentary Transformation.

The settlers are back!

The settlers are back! Ubisoft will revive its nearly 30-year-old license.

Hello, dear “Settlers” fans.
The last closed beta was a great opportunity for all participating players to share valuable feedback regarding the current state of the game, and we would like to thank you for your participation. Upon reviewing these comments, it became clear to our team that the quality was not yet in line with the team’s vision. So we made the decision Game launch postponed Later.

The extra time will be used to further improve the game and make quality our main priority for all of our players. We’ll update you in due course and give you more details on the next steps for The Settlers.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Your team “The Settlers”

we see it, Ubisoft It does not give a new release date. Meaning it’s not so bad, it will avoid a new delay.

But it’s still inconceivable that a big studio like Ubisoft would have to delay its game to 15 days from its release.

Important message from the settlers

Hello dear “The Settlers” fans, we have an important update from the “The Settlers” team.

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