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United States: An intruder boarding an official plane at a military base

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Washington | The US Air Force opened an internal investigation Friday after an intruder managed to board an official plane at a military base near Washington, despite heightened security measures after the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill.

The United States said that an “adult man” managed to enter the Andrews military base on Thursday, which welcomes foreign dignitaries to Washington and which is home to official US aircraft, including Air Force One, according to the Air Force in a press release.

The Air Force added that he “boarded the C-40 illegally,” which is a military version of the Boeing 737, before the authorities arrested him, stressing that the man was not armed .. and no one was hurt.

The C-40 aircraft stationed at Andrews Air Force Base is being used by members of the United States government, senior congressional officials, or senior military officials on their official flights.

The US Air Force did not specify how the man was able to enter the heavily guarded air base, or how much time he spent on the plane.

But the air force statement specified that “there is no indication that the individual has any connection whatsoever to extremist groups.”

The US Air Force opened an investigation into the breakthrough and pledged to publish the results.

“Everyone takes this seriously. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby confirmed that the Secretary of Defense (Lloyd Austin) takes this matter seriously,” stressing that the investigation will focus on the security measures of the US Air Force around the world.

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Thousands of National Guard troops have beefed up security in Washington since pro-Trump protesters attacked Capitol Hill, killing 5.

As authorities fear more protests, they are tasked with protecting the Capitol building during the Donald Trump impeachment trial set to begin on February 9.

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