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Unstoppable Martian Helicopter Creativity: Its Mission Continues

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The creativity of the Mars helicopter seems to be unstoppable. As a result, NASA extended its mission for several more months and sent it to support the Perseverance Rover Campaign. This crossing will be challenging.

As long as the system is reliable, we continue. This was the slogan that shared, with NomiramaEngineer Nasser Shehat from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory about a mission Mars helicopter creation. We were at that time in August 2021. More than seven months later, in March 2022, the flights continued Mars.

in one communication NASA, published on March 16, 2022, announced that flight operations will officially continue through September. This extension comes after the 21st flight, which is again successful. Nothing seemed to stop the little chopper, although originally, nothing was expected to last long.

The image was taken by Ingenuity (see its shadow below) during its 21st voyage, the Mars region of Séítah. // Source: NASA

Creativity will support perseverance

What is the space agency planning for the new adventures of Ingenuity? ” In the coming months, the first helicopter in history operating from the surface of another world will support the upcoming scientific expedition of perseverance roverwhich will explore the ancient river delta at Jezero Crater The US space agency explains.

But while accompanying the chariot of perseverance on its mission, this precious flying ally will continue to “ Test one’s abilities Objective: To participate in the design of future Mars aerial vehicles.

And now, the biggest challenge to ingenuity

The least we can say is that the small helicopter will not be able to rest on its laurels. Mission Jezero Crater It will be the biggest challenge for the Ingenuity team since then First trip to Mars Explains, on the NASA website, Teddy Zanitos (Chief Innovation Team at JPL).

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Before embarking on the delta aerial reconnaissance mission, Ibdaa must complete her journey to the region. The next flight will take place on March 19, and it is not the least: creativity will have to travel 350 meters and perform ” sharp turn To avoid a large hill. After that, two to three trips will remain to cross the Sittah area and reach the Jezero crater where the Perseverance is.

Unstoppable Martian Helicopter Creativity: Its Mission Continues
A trip to Jezero crater will not be a picnic. // Source: NASA / JPL-Caltech / University of Arizona / USGS

To increase our chances of success, we have increased the size of our team and made upgrades to our aviation program with the goal of improving operational flexibility and flight safety. ‘ continues the team leader.

Among these updates Teddy Zanitos mentioned: the removal of the height limit, which was originally set at 15 meters above the ground. From now on, creativity will be able to fly higher. ” Altitude gains can lead to incremental increases in flight speed and range ”, details NASA. But there are many other improvements that make creativity more efficient, such as better terrain coordinator analysis, allowing it to better manage take-offs and landings. New cards and new capabilities will soon improve its performance even further.

These ambitious improvements come less than a year after the first flight of the Martian plane. ” Less than a year ago, we didn’t even know if powered and controlled aircraft flight on Mars was possible. “NASA Administrator Thomas Zurbuchen was stunned on the agency’s website.” Now we look forward to Ingenuity’s participation in the second science campaign, Perseverance. Such a shift in our state of mind in such a short time is simply stunning and historic in the annals of air and space exploration. »

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