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Valve shows in the video why you should definitely not disassemble Steam Deck

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Valve has posted a video showing the disassembly of the Steam Deck portable console. An opportunity to learn more about this product is expected at the end of the year.

« You shouldn’t do this ‘, warns the thumbnail of the video It was released by Valve on October 6. Inside, the company is officially dismantling its portable console steam surface – which will be released at the end of the yearFor first deliveries). « This video looks like a tutorial video, it is a video that advise against doing this “,” The valve insists on the clip.

Actually, if valve He explains that it will indeed be possible to change some of the Steam Deck components (analog sticks, internal storage, etc.), and would like to point out that this is a huge risk. as portable console Much like a mini PC, some may be tempted to improve performance by making adjustments (as with traditional PCs). The valve allows this, but it is strongly advised not to.

What does the Steam Deck disassembly tell us?

Steam Deck is not designed for mod

« The Steam Deck is a really compact machine, the components are carefully chosen due to this specific assembly and, as such, are not intended to be interchangeable. Valve warns. However, the manufacturer knows that some users will not resist the urge to make changes. Hence this informative video that may be useful to them.

Anything that can damage the Steam Deck while it is being disassembled

After removing the eight screws that hold the back cover in place, you can see how Valve was able to squeeze a lot of things into a tight space. Therefore, the slightest serious manipulation can have disastrous consequences for the console. The company especially warns about the battery, it is likely to catch fire if it is damaged in the process (a screwdriver strike can happen quickly).

There is also the issue of static electricity, to which Steam Deck is particularly sensitive. Here again, we are talking about irreparable damage. If you really want to disassemble Steam Deck, it is highly recommended that you turn to a professional.

There is also the issue of compatibility of the parts we want to integrate: they may not work, or even have a negative effect on other parts.

The steam surface is loosened // Source: valve

We can change sticks

Valve shows stick replacement procedure – probably the easiest thing to do. Please note: Steam Deck sticks are proprietary, which means that only those that have been approved by Valve will be compatible. In this regard, the multinational indicates that it will soon provide the means to restore components that will work with Steam Deck.

We can change the SSD

In the video, we can also see that it is possible to swap the internal storage space for another. Spoiler: Valve does not recommend this and instead directs users to the SD card slot – a much simpler solution for homeowners and no risk. Remember that the Steam Deck that can be accessed is the content with 64 GB of free space, which is not much.

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