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Video: Russia has created a special unit, which will protect St. Petersburg from drones

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Since May 9, the St. Petersburg police have a special unit responsible for ensuring safety in the air, especially during mass events, Russian media company RBK reported.

According to the media, the unit has already been active in the celebrations on the occasion of Victory Day. And the local administration of the Ministry of Interior added, according to R.B.K.

Unit members by server Ukrainian justice perform various tasks. The mission of the mobile units is to identify and potentially detain the drone operators. In addition, there are snipers who are armed with sniper rifles. In addition, the units also have special technical teams that eliminate drones using special equipment.

And on the day of the victory, according to RBK, five pairs of snipers and two groups of police officers with special weapons were deployed on the rooftops of buildings in the city center. Several units in the ground locations also provided an additional overview of the overall situation. A number of police officers also patrolled the streets to help identify the drone operators.

According to the BBC Russian-language server, the creation of a special police department to protect against drones was previously announced by the regional authorities in the Urals, for example. Drone flights have been restricted or banned by 40 Russian administrative units since the end of last year.

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