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Viruses love carbon dioxide, which is not good news

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Some viruses are called airborne. This is the case for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is responsible for Covid-19. Researchers today show that carbon dioxide (CO2) plays a crucial role in the lifespan of these viruses in the air. The news is not the best in our warm world.

At the heart of the Covid crisis, we advised, to reduce the risk of transmission, to ventilate rooms where several people could gather. Researchers from the University of Bristol (United Kingdom) confirm this today in the journal Nature Communications That the council was wise. Perhaps more than scientists imagined at the time.

Carbon dioxide increases the lifespan of viruses

Remember that during EpidemicEpidemicthe follower SensorsSensors Of carbon dioxide (CO2) were used to judge BreathingBreathing Buildings. Company2 And the virus, in fact, both are present inairair We exhale. But this time the researchers went a little further. They reported, in fact, that the presence of carbon dioxide2 In the air it allows the virus to survive longer. The risk of infection increases accordingly.

COVID-19: The higher the CO2 level, the greater the risk of pollution

The researchers tested the behavior SARS-CoV-2SARS-CoV-2 At carbon dioxide concentrations2 ranging from 400 ppm (ppmppm) – Approximate outside air level – about 6500 ppm. It turned out to be 800 ppm – the level that is considered “Very well ventilated” – Increase viral aerobic capacity. After 40 minutes, compared to clean air, the number of infectious viruses remained about 10 times greater when the air had a higher concentration of carbon dioxide.2 Similar to that of a crowded room – or 3,000 ppm. pH issue, according to researchers. Because if exhaled droplets containing SARS-CoV-2 have a high pH that quickly reduces their susceptibility to infection, the acidity of carbon dioxide2 It makes it less AlkalineAlkaline.

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Viruses can estimate global warming

By opening WindowsWindowsSo we can not only physically remove the virus from the room, but also prevent the droplets from losing their place PoisoningPoisoning For him by letting in air less loaded with carbon dioxide2.

The problem is that Climate scientistsClimate scientists We declare that by the end of our century, carbon dioxide levels2 It can rise to more than 700 parts per million in our atmosphere, contributing not only to increased global warming, but also to improved virus transmission.

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