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Warzone: How to Use the Camera to Your Advantage

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JGOD is a true expert when it comes to Call of duty And of course War zone. In his new video, he decided to share how you can take advantage of the cameras to give yourself an edge.

Due to FPS, there were visibility issues among what players in the game could see.

You may have heard about The ‘Biker Advantage’ Through other FPS games as well as Call of Duty. This feature gives proactive players who peel off their cover first a slightly enlarged look.

Warzone has exactly the same issue with camera sync and movement. If you think you are dead at your enemy “It just wasn’t there.”, And your ping is stable, you are not crazy!


Harnessing vision with advanced motion technologies can make your seals a lot easier.

Video demonstration of a granted feature in Warzone

In its March 21st video, JGOD examines issues with ping, advanced motion mechanics, and Camera Sync, Which when added together can lead to some very frustrating games.

Use shots from the dedicated Warzone lobby featuring many of the best banners and players. JGOD has provided several examples of how the cameras can play tricks on you.

«On the player’s screen, it does not match what the enemy player sees, so it results in a major de-sync. ”JGOD explains, while looking at Gulag’s Aydan vs Speros shots. “Advanced motions, and movements in general, can be your best friend, and they usually favor your aggressor.”

It also shows an example with Jukeyz, who has the highest ping level, but still gets the preference by jumping over an enemy around the corner.

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This issue isn’t specific to Warzone, either. As JGOD shows, this is also evident in the multiplayer of the The Black Cold WarWhich proves that this is a problem with Call of Duty in general and not a single game.

What to remember

When trying to get an advantage over a 1v1 sprint, you should consider this video. Being aggressive, eliminating slides, and jumping into corners is the best way to give yourself a split second advantage over your enemy. What Can Make A Difference in Games? Or the kill times are also low Only in the war and cold war zone!

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