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What technological skills will be most needed in the post-pandemic world? | Informational guidance

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Information technology (IT) jobs in Canada have weathered the pandemic better than those in the rest of the economy, according to Brookfield Institute. However, the long-term impact on this sector remains difficult to predict.

Employment in the technology sector recovered quickly after falling at the start of the crisis. “As everyday life is increasingly taking place online and companies of all kinds switch to virtual services, IT workers have become critical to the success of most industries,” says the Brookfield Institute in its report.

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Some believe that accelerating digital transformation will increase the need for new skills for employers. “This is an opportunity to invest in a skills-based economy,” said Shawn Thorson, President and CEO of Skills Canada, in a recent report. Parliamentary committee.

How will this context materially affect the demand for tech talent? How can IT professionals prepare for the future? IT World Canada and CanadianCIO, in collaboration with AWS, are launching the second annual Canadian Information Technology Skills Survey to answer these questions.

A period of rapid innovation

The health crisis has had a major impact on the country’s digital transformation. Seventy-eight percent of IT executives say their transformation plans have accelerated due to the pandemic, according to the latest CIO.

The report notes that advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotic process automation have received a boost. “We learned to innovate in times of crisis,” said the Director of Information Systems. Before the pandemic, we were just on the brink of digital transformation. Now the things we see in science fiction movies will get a lot faster. “

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The shift to remote work will also affect IT jobs. Many are expecting to spend more on cloud, security, and collaboration apps. However, executives expect to face shrinking short-term hiring budgets.

Canadian Information Technology Skills Survey 2021

The Canadian Information Technology Skills Survey aims to help technology workers across the country secure their careers in these turbulent times.

This national survey will reveal the skills needed to survive and thrive in the coming years. IT professionals ask which trends they think will have the most impact on their role over the next five years. The survey also asks them what they think about the certifications to obtain and the strategies to be adopted in order to be successful.

The opinions of IT professionals and advice from senior CIOs in Canada will form the basis of the report. It will be shared with all respondents who complete the survey to help them plan for the future.

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