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What’s new in Windows 11, OnePlus and Oppo together, and what’s new in Android Auto

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Didn’t you have time to follow the news yesterday? Here’s what stood out on Wednesday, June 16: Windows 11 leak, OnePlus-Oppo merger, and new Android Auto features. In order not to miss any news, think about Subscribe to the Frandroid Newsletter.

Windows 11: Our tour of what’s new in Photos and Videos

A leak, on Tuesday evening, revealed the new version of Windows, Windows 11A few days before its official announcement. We were able to install this update and discover new features for its graphic interface as well as new features. The main new is its discovery in the new Start menu, which can now be centered at the bottom of the screen and no longer has tiles. The dark theme has also been revised, as has search and the Windows logo.

It’s official, OnePlus has become more dependent on Oppo

For a year, we felt the closeness between OnePlus and Oppo. It was last Confirmed this Wednesday Pete LaoCo-founder of OnePlus, who now heads OPLUS, a combination of the two brands. The idea behind this merger, as described by the manager, is to share the resources of the two brands and bring their teams together. Despite this closeness, Pete Lau wants to be reassured and points out that the two brands will continue to exist together, at least on paper.

Android Auto now makes it easier to read and send messages

Google has unveiled a number of new features that are coming to Android and Google Messages, but also to Android Auto, an operating system built into vehicles. Users have long been waiting for the main grandmother, because she will allow thisAccess messaging apps directly from the Android Auto home screen. This is particularly the case with WhatsApp or Google Messages, but also with Telegram, Signal or Messenger, which are now more accessible.

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