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White writer abandons translation of Amanda Gorman

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Writer Marek Lucas Reinfeld, responsible for translating the works of African American poet Amanda Gorman into Dutch, will leave her place for someone else after arguing over the fact that the translation has been entrusted to a white author.

Marisa JuguetMarisa Juguet

“I was shocked by the anger surrounding my participation in spreading Amanda Gorman’s message, and I understand people who feel hurt by choosing [l’éditeur] Marek Lucas Reinfeld, Booker International Prize Winner in 2020, wrote on Twitter: “Meuhlenhof to choose me.”

So you give up on the poem translation project The hill we climb – followed by Amanda Gorman at Joe Biden’s inauguration – as well as the 22-year-old poet group.

Dutch publishing house Meulenhoff was criticized for choosing as soon as it was announced. Journalist Janice Deol wrote an opinion piece in the National Daily De Volkskrant, On February 25th, arguing that Gorman’s message would be “more powerful” if translated as “spoken word, young, creative artist.” […] Noir ».

It was only since then that Mullenhoff had to protest again, to the point that Mullenhof had to defend his decision. “Rijneveld is committed to issues of gender equality and resilience, and we recognize in it the passion and struggle for an inclusive society,” the statement reads. The fact that Amanda Gorman and her team immediately responded positively to our suggestion that we had found the perfect translator confirmed to us in Marek Lucas Reinfeld. ”

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The publishing house later reported that the 29-year-old Dutch writer decided to withdraw from the project. “We want to learn from this situation through discussion and we will embark on a different path with a new viewpoint,” Mike Le Noble, director of Mejulenhof, said in a statement.

Meanwhile, publisher Vayard announced in mid-February that Belgian-Congolese singer Yusef and Yazuka had been assigned to French translation for Amanda Gorman’s group.

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