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Who is among the ten richest Russians? It is led by the metallurgist tycoon Potanin

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1. Vladimir Potanin

The list of the richest Russians has always been Vladimir Potanin, who over time has become one of the most important businessmen in the country. In his youth, he studied international relations at Moscow State University and, perhaps, thanks to this study, his steps first led to politics, and in 1992 he became the first deputy minister of the economy of Russia.

After that, he became more involved in politics. In 1995, Potanin was appointed CEO of Norilsk Nickel, the world’s largest nickel miner and producer. Under his leadership, Norilsk Nickel becomes one of the most profitable companies in Russia, and the income from operating this company is still important to him.

However, Potanin also owns shares in other companies, such as Polyus Gold, which is the largest gold mining company in Russia. In addition, Potanin also owns shares in companies operating in the food or energy sector.

In recent years, in addition to the mining and industrial fields, Potanin has also begun to focus on real estate and financial services. He is the owner of an investment company that specializes in capital markets and his company also manages a large real estate portfolio consisting of residential and commercial properties.

His assets are now estimated at $28.3 billion, which is approximately 623 billion kronor. But in an annual comparison, according to Bloomberg estimates, his fortune decreased by about $0.8 billion.

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